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Free Professional Counseling

e4ear team understands the trauma and emotions of patients with hearing loss and they have come up with a professional counseling team to support them.

Hearing loss can change a person’s world completely and it can impact the self-reliance of the person. It is often difficult for the person with hearing loss to engage in conversations in a group and they, in turn, get depressed.

There is always a frustration that they cannot hear properly, confused about the inability to hear and isolation can lead to an unexplainable struggle for patients diagnosed with hearing loss. Their struggle is real and they need support and help from professionals.

Our professional counselors provide patients with hearing loss with a confidential environment accepting and listening to their feelings and counsel them. All our counselors are certified and they can help a great deal to improve the relationships that are shattered during hearing loss. Our counselors  help you to deal with your emotions and can work along with audiologists and therapists for better results.

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Professional counseling is required for people with hearing loss, having functioning issues, lack of confidence, or experiencing breakdowns in relationships and communication.

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