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We are one of the most accomplished hearing aid consultants in India, having displayed an impressive track record in the industry. Over the years, the comprehensive options e4ear.com offer for the hearing aid requirements of our clients, have established us as a unique provider of the same.

We place astute care while hiring our staff, choosing to select the most accomplished professionals available who can help you find the right value for your money. Partnering with hundreds of providers, our operations are spread throughout the country.

Apart from providing the best hearing aids in terms of technology, e4ear.com also offers an in-store demonstration. With us, the process of getting the right hearing aids becomes seamless, effective, and comfortable. You can reach out to us for a free consultation over the phone. Simply give us a call, and we will arrange an appointment for you.


Our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading hearing aid consultant in the country, recommending quality products with an air of professionalism.


We visualize ourselves emerging as the most trusted hearing aid consultants, offering nationwide service. Working with the most reputed audiologists, we continue to sustain your trust.

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The testing process will help you to identify what you can hear amidst various background noises and the output will show how better you hear and identify whether you have any hearing loss.

The first time I called e4ear.com for a consultation, I experienced something different altogether! The experts are qualified and they took time to understand the issues I was facing. Most importantly, they came up with a comprehensive solution that fits within my budget. I highly recommend their hearing aids, and you have so many models to choose from. Obviously, you have the experts there to guide you. Presently, I follow up with their audiologists as per the routine checkup dates. It has been a great experience, and what I love the most is their innovative hearing aid models. I like their hearing aids, and would definitely recommend them to someone looking for effective yet affordable solutions.