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About e4ear

We are one of the most accomplished hearing aid consultants in India, having displayed an impressive track record in the industry. Over the years, the comprehensive options we offer for the hearing aid requirements of our clients, have established us as a unique provider of the same. We place astute care while hiring our staff, choosing to select the most accomplished professionals available who can help you find the right value for your money.

Our Services

Free hearing testing

The testing process will help you to identify what you can hear amidst various background noises and the output will show how better you hear and identify whether you have any hearing loss.

Free hearing aid trial

If you are not sure if you require a hearing aid then we invite you for a free hearing aid trial. We will be providing hearing aids for trials and our expert audiologists will be helping to use them comfortably.

Free professional counseling

e4ear is committed to providing industry-leading hearing health care services. Our top-rated audiologists offer free professional counseling addressing the symptoms, problems and offering a wide range of solutions that help you to rediscover sound.

Home visits

Our home visit includes- Hearing evaluation. Based on the hearing loss, we recommend different hearing aid models. We deliver based on customer requirements.

Book A Free Hearing Testing

If you experience signs of hearing loss, it is essential to do a free hearing test and undergo a comprehensive examination so that the doctor can suggest a suitable hearing aid for you.

Expert Doctors. Professional Care.

If you suspect hearing loss, the first step is to consult an Audiologist. They check your hearing sensitivity. Once hearing loss is diagnosed, further treatment plans are made.

Hearing Products

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

A small tube then routes the sound down into your ear canal. BTE hearing aids are available in many sizes, shapes and color options.

Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound directly into the ear. This is because the receiver is located outside of the hearing aid itself and instead inside the ear canal.

Slim Receiver In The Canal

The hearing aid and receiver are connected by a discreet ‘receiver wire’ which houses an electrical cable.

Custom Models (IIC/CIC)

Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids are the smallest custom hearing aids available. They are designed and sculptured to fit entirely inside your ear canal 


CROS devices are designed for people with hearing loss in one ear. BiCROS is designed for people with hearing loss in both ears

What is a hearing aid and how can it help you?

A hearing aid is an electronic device, operated by a battery. It enhances your hearing capacity, enabling you to pick up the sounds around you. These devices are small enough to wear behind or in your ear. In general, hearing aids come with a microphone, designed to capture the sounds around the individual. This sound passes on to an amplifier, which makes it louder.These devices come with a receiver, through which the processed sounds are delivered to the ear canal of the person using it. A hearing aid optimizes the hearing loss and compensates on both the ears and helps in improving the orientation and directional hearing.

Invisible hearing aid 

Common Signs of hearing loss


You frequently ask others to repeat themselves


You turn the TV to a volume others find loud


You have trouble understanding conversations in noisy places


You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices


You are told by others that you have hearing loss


You feel like others are mumbling


You have trouble hearing on the phone


You avoid social situations that were once enjoyable

Personal consultation

Curious how you’re hearing? Book an appointment with our audiologist. Hearing loss creates a strain on your ability to hear & understand the sounds around you. Major causes for hearing loss are – aging & frequent exposure to loud noises.

You can connect with our Audiology team for a detailed evaluation of your hearing.

How to choose the correct hearing aid?

For people suffering from hearing loss, selecting the right kind of hearing aid is crucial. With the sophistication of technology, several advanced models are available in the market.You need to reach out to an Audiologist and get the recommendations from them.

The best consultants would recommend you sleek and comfortable hearing aids within your budget. In case you are suffering from loss of hearing, have a consultation with the audiologists online. It would be wise to get the model recommended by experienced professionals.

Take a step forward towards better hearing with the help of our experts