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Free Hearing Testing

If you experience signs of hearing loss, it is essential to do a free hearing test and undergo a comprehensive examination so that the doctor can suggest a suitable hearing aid for you.

It is time for you to enjoy better hearing by availing yourself of free hearing testing. The patients need to fill the form with their basic details like name, email, phone number, location, age, and whether they have hearing loss or not.  Based on the details we can schedule free testing.

We have a comprehensive hearing test to gauge the effectiveness of hearing of an individual. The hearing test needs to be conducted in a quiet area without any disturbance using headphones and device speakers.

Some of the pointers to be followed for the hearing test

Choose appropriate devices like headphones so that you can test the left and right ears and get accurate results.

Identify a quiet area to complete the hearing test.

It is necessary to check whether the volume is on and is set at a comfortable level so that it is conducive for testing

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The testing process will help you to identify what you can hear amidst various background noises and the output will show how better you hear and identify whether you have any hearing loss.

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